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Blue Morning Glory (ipomoea indica)

The Blue Morning Glory is a sub-species of morning glory that lignifies at the base, which allows it to be perennial in milder climates and with some protection during winter. Its growth is vigorous, and so it is suitable for pergolas, high walls and facades up to 6 metres in height. It is also ideal to hide downpipes/drainpipes. Unlike other morning glories, the flowers can last until late evening, but the plant will only bloom well in warm summers. The highly decorative foliage can compensate for a lost flowering season.

(lat. Ipomoea indica, a.k.a. I. learii, Pharbitis leari, P. cathartica, I. acuminata, I. cathartica, I. congesta, I. learii)

Ipomoea indica
Ipomoea indica

Requirements / Suppliers

The blue morning glory prefers a warm, sunny to semi-shady location, calcareous (alkaline) and drained humus-rich soil, no standing water, and no nitrogen fertilisers. It needs protection or covering in the first few years and must be protected in winter with a cover for the first few years. Suitable for 'container culture' (being potted). Available as seeds or pre-cultivated potted plants from spring onwards.

Characteristics and Pruning

Annual twining vine that can be perennial in milder climates, originally from tropical America, widely found growing on fences and hedges in the Mediterranean area. If transplanted early, the young shoots must be protected/covered in colder nights (March - May). This morning glory can grow up to 6 metres in height. Its foliage is decorative, dark green, and will last until the first frost. The buds are long and a bit spirally twisted. The one-day flowers open in the morning and fade in the evening. Flowering time is from July to October, but only in warm summers; bad weather might prevent blooming. Base the plant is woody; the plant can be perennial if protected or wintered in a pot or bucket. Cut the stem down to 10 cm above the ground in late autumn or spring. If planted in a pot, store the plant at 5 - 10 degrees celsius. After wintering, the morning glory will flower later, only after the soil is consistently warm. The seeds are poisonous.

Climbing Aids on Facades

See the chart at the bottom of the page to choose a suitable wire rope system. Easylight or medium systems are optimal.

Cable Systems?

Click on the image to see wich designs are adapted as a growing aid for blue morning glory.

Blue morning glory greening downpipes
Blue morning glory on a wire rope system

Suitable Cable Systems for the Blue Morning Glory

Please click on the graphics to see a detailed view of each design!

 = suitable        = sometimes suitable      = not suitable