Trellises of Metal, Wood, and Bamboo

Our category "trellises" distinguishes climbing supports made of rods, bars, laths, etc. (rigid material), from our wire rope trellis systems, or 'wire rope trellises.' We sell these trellises in wooden, bamboo, and metal (stainless steel), as well as the respective necessary attachments and accessories. In this section, you will find products, suggestions, and inspiration!

Wooden trellis with clematis on a garage


High grade stainless steel


Classic Trellises


Clamps, rods, trellises

Choosing a Trellis

Stainless steel trellises are best suited and recommended for modern buildings. They are usually sleek and discreet and have an almost unlimited lifespan. Historic buildings, in turn, favour wooden trellises. These too can last for decades; they, however, influence a façade's appearance much more and have thicker laths. Bamboo trellises are often used on balconies and terraces, especially in combination with potted plants, but are less durable and have a shorter life-span.