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Façade Greening - Everything Under One Roof!

Hello and welcome! We are a commercial provider of climbing-plants, wire-rope support systems, trellises, and accessories in Germany, Europe, and overseas. Here we've endeavored to address all your possible questions: which plant is suitable for my wall? Should I use a wooden or metal trellis, and which shape? What is possible on insulated walls? Should I use free-standing wire frames for raspberries? As 'a picture is worth a thousand words' -- especially with facade greening-- we've also provided you with galleries of photos. You can order your plants and trellises from us (go directly to our 'shop'), or just peruse these pages for inspiration and answers to your questions. We are happy to advise you if you need assistance. Choose your starting point...  

Akebias on trellis systems in Sanssouci / Potsdam / Brandenburg


Inspiration, vision, and guidelines for your greening project...

Climbing plants façade greening

Climbing Plants

Cultivars for façade greening

Climbing plant support for a vine

Wire Rope Systems

Wire rope systems made of stainless steel

Trellises made of metal, wood, and bamboo


Metal, wood, bamboo

Tips on mounting into different wall types


Wall types and mounting tips

Wire rope and accessories


Plants, trellises, and products in our online store

Who is FassadenGrün?...

Our company is a family business with a small team of employees and freelance co-workers. In terms of greening, there are no projects that are too small for us. Our product line, which has been evolving for more than sixteen years and has proven itself a thousand times over, ranges from the simplest stainless steel crimps to the sturdiest mounts. We offer you the possibility of greening fences, arbours, and almost any type of building, including more specific wall surfaces (aerated concrete or insulated walls, etc..).

Quality and Price

You can find pre-assembled climbing systems from FassadenGrün all over Europe-- on Baroque castles as well as on city soundwalls (noise barriers). FassadenGrün supplies only the best quality, with 5 years warranty, for all high-grade steel products. You can purchase ready-made cable system kits, or buy cable and other supplies individually. At the same time, FassadenGrün always tries to offer the fairest price possible. Please send us any competitor's reference price, so we can provide better prices for you.

Your Feedback is Appreciated!

Climbing plant supports made of wire rope
Climbing plant supports made of wire rope

Innovation is not foreign to us. We are constantly working to improve our product line and our internet presence. This website replaces a printed catalogue. Please let us know if we are missing certain products or if you cannot find specific information... naturally, we are happy if you simply want to send us positive feedback or share your success stories with facade greening! We would be delighted to hear from you! In 5-10 years you could even come visit us directly... between now and then, a vision we have for a climbing-plant paradise shall be manifest!


Our website is intended to help you choose a climbing plant support system. Feel free to send us your prepared project, and we will gladly check its practicability. If you are looking for an individual quotation or offer, please contact us -- we will try to help as best we can. As a small company, we do not always have the capacity to answer general or trivial questions. We apologize for the inconvenience and ask for your understanding. Some answers can be found on climbing plant forums.

More about FassadenGrün

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