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Wire Rope Trellis System 8040

Assembly sketch for wire rope system no. 8040

Our Number 8040 describes all tiered (stepped/graduated) systems, or combinations of vertical and horizontal climbing sections. The shapes can be symmetrical or asymmetrical with one or more tiers/levels. We've classified it as its own "cable system" merely to give sample building instructions for such and similar arrangements. For more support in choosing a suitable construction size/style, please refer to our climbing plants section (charts at the bottom of each plant profile).

Information and mounting tips (not available as a kit)

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Height x Width: according to the requirements of each respective wall situation. Depending on the required stability, it is possible to use free-floating cross clamps at intersection points in the inner area instead of wall mounts. This can save costs; however, the maximum distance from mount to mount should not exceed 1.5 m... with heavy / massive kits, should not exceed 2.2 m (vertical ropes) or 1.8 m (horizontal ropes).


Required Parts: You can put mediumheavy und massive kits together. Easy kits are possible, but the cable guide and cable clamp arrangement can be confusing. For support in choosing a kit for an already chosen plant, refer to the tips under climbing plants. Depending on the style/kit, you'll need the following:


  • wire-rope 1.8 or 3 or 4 mm

  • cross mount and rawl plug

  • (free-floating) cross clamps

  • end hulls or sleeves

  • tools and binding material 


Installation: as indicated in the diagrams. Details of the procedure can be found by clicking on the individual kits (see table above). The sequences shown below can be applied to similar and different arrangements. Basically, the outer wire ropes are laid first, followed by all other longer cable sections, each of which runs over more than two holding points, and finally the remaining short cable sections. 


Vine Training: See related wire rope systems 5030 and 5040.

Stepped wire rope systems with spacer mounts WM 12191 on a fire wall
Wall recesses
Trellis system, medium construction style
A medium construction style trellis
Cable system in our medium style, clematis
Wire rope system for clematis
Heavy Kit, for mini-kiwi
Stainless steel climbing aid for kiwi
Steel cables arranged freely for climbing roses, heavy style
Steel cable for a climbing rose
Outline for a climbing element with gradation to accommodate windows and switch box
Climbing elements with gradation

Version 1: Light / Medium / Heavy / Massive Kit


Version 2: Light / Medium / Heavy / Massive Kit

Version 3: Light / Middle / Heavy / Massive Kit