Other Climbers for the Facade

Climbing plants are suitable for a myriad of objects and structures, but not all climbers will thrive on facades and walls. As facade greening is our passion and specialty, suitability for a facade is the main criterion for our previously selected and featured climbing plants. They are the ones best-suited for facades and thus have a section of their own. The species listed here are less known and less compatible with facades, but are often beautiful when used to green fences, when mixed with other plants, or as accents. They may be of interest in more specific cases, for example with high greenings or for protection against graffiti

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Silver Lace Vine

Extremely vigorous


Lots of foliage, no damage

Winter Jasmine

Flowers in winter


Evergreen, slow-growing

Decorative Kiwi

Decorative foliage


Healthy and vigorous


Evergreen, ornamental fruit


Evergreen, hanging plant