Roses for walls

Roses are perfect for walls! As well as being "green", they also bring flowers and, above all, no structural damage. But what would be the ideal rose for façades? It must bloom profusely, preferably for months, and the individual blooms must last a long time. At the same time, it should be resistant to rain and heat and attract insects. Important: the flowers should "drop off"! They should simply fall off, because nobody wants flower "mummies" around the house. Rosehips are desirable because they are a treat for the birds in winter. Furthermore, the foliage must be dense, healthy and free from musty-smelling mildew. The base of the rose must not be bare, and it can stay green well into the winter... The FassadenGrün range is developed according to these extremely strict criteria, see below!

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General Information

Plant profile, climbing supports

"Heidetraum Plus"

Especially healthy

"New Dawn"


Ein Klassiker für Wände




"Open Arms"

Also for shade



Mit Zitronenduft



Starker Duft

"Pierre de Ronsard"

A world classic

Mittelgroße Sorten

Bis 4 m Höhe