Ideas for Trellising

Welcome to Fassadengrün. We specialise in facade greening ~ transforming facades into living walls with climbing plants and the trellises to support them. We sell wire rope systems made of high-grade stainless steel, the climbing plants themselves, and fixtures for metal, wood, and bamboo trellises. Roof greening also comes under our domain, as well as any landscaping that has to do with the 'face' of a house. Vine trellises and climbing plants can greatly enhance the aesthetics of your home. We would like to accompany you into this world! It all begins with gathering ideas, inspirations, and a plan...

Our advice if you are uncertain or new at this is: take your time, don't rush, and use the following sections to help you design your plan. Compare 1 or 2 different realistic possibilities so you can develop a model which can be implemented clearly and correctly. After you've found what you need under 'Ideas,' the next step will be choosing your climbing plants...

Climbing plants on a climbing aid in a courtyard
Plants on a climbing aid in a courtyard

Why Green a Facade?

Reasons for living walls

Stylistic Eras

Greening in the past and present


Partial or full greening?

Parts of Buildings

Drainpipes, balconies, etc..


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