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Vines and Creepers

Here we present vines and creepers --"wild vines"-- for facade greening which are alternatives to grapevines. "Wild" basically means that these plants are not cultivated for consumption. They are rather "leaf plants" intended to be ornamental, as most of them have beautiful autumn foliage. These vines are self climbers (except for one) and can be grown on trellises and espaliers. The first four featured here belong botanically to the Parthenocissus family; the last two are species of the "Vitis" family and are therefore cousins of the grapevine.

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Parthenocissus tricuspidata - Foliage


Popular self-climber

Parthenocissus quinqefolia - five leaved Ivy


Noteworthy leaf shape and autumn colour

Wild Mini-Vine


Self-climber up to 3 m

Parthenocissus inserta - Foliage

Thicket Creeper

No adhesive pads

Vitis berlandieri / riparia climbing plants

Wild Vines without Fruit

Vine leaves, no 'extras'

Vitis coignetiae - Crimson Glory Vine before autumn

Crimson Glory Vine

Vigorous with autumn foliage