Light Kits

FassadenGrün's climbing plant supports are organized in 54 cable systems, each of which is available in five versions-- "construction styles." The Light style described here is the second of five variations. It is distinguished by its particularly sleek and graceful form and requires only small drill holes. You can order pre-assembled lightkits or assemble your own in our online shop.

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  • streamlined design

  • smooth shaft 

  • cable guided with "cable holders"

  • for lighter loads

  • distance from wall: 5 cm

  • for 2 mm (1.8 mm) wire rope

  • stainless steel AISI 304; wire rope AISI 316

  • easy to install; borehole diameter 8 mm

  • also suitable for installing into joints

With this lightweight wire rope technique, all wall brackets are firmly connected to the rope and secured to the wall. The rope is 'decoupled' into multiple sections; each load is then distributed evenly to the end and intermediate supports (holders). Shock loads are absorbed dynamically via the elastic deflection of the supports. If an overload does occur, the cables will slide in the clamping head of the bracket and can be re-tensioned.

When can I use a Light Cable System?

Wire technology in the Light-style construction is suitable for annual climbing vines, hops, clematis, honeysuckle, as well as weak and vigorous roses. It is also suitable for almost all climbing plants when they are potted and their growing power is thus limited. Light trellis systems are significantly more stable when the mounts are placed closer together (ever 50-75 cm). The range of application is then closer to that of our medium construction style. Light systems are designed for the private/home sector. Please refer to the Planning section as needed.

Wall Mount / Wall Type

Light Kits always come with the trellis fitting (cable mount) WM 06093 made of stainless steel with a delicate 6 mm shaft, gasket, and cross head screw. They are compatible with almost any type of wall-- especially with wall joints,thin-walledconcrete garages, solid wood, and facades with special cladding and trim-- but not with insulation.

Installation of Light Wire Rope Technology

Instructions for mounting Light Kits are to be completed with the diagrams on the page of each respective cable system. Also, check to see that you've got all the tools necessary for assembly.