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Climbing Plants - Overview

Do you already have an idea for your facade greening or trellising project? You can order your climbing plants and trellises here! Our basic assortment of climbing plants (i.e. the most commonly used climbing plants for covering a facade) is featured here; in the subsection miscellaneous, you'll find the rarer specimens. Be mindful not to choose a climbing plant solely based on the pretty flowers in the photos (tempting, we know), because the flowering period may be disappointingly short, and many species are more remarkable for their foliage than their flowers. Espalier fruit and especially grapevines -- to which we've dedicated an entire section with detailed information -- require a lot of care and maintenance. The following subsections offer greening tips and plant profiles designed to help you with your plant and trellis selection ~ charts included showing which trellis systems are suitable with which plants.

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Facade greening with climbing plants (Parthenocissus tricuspidata)
Facade greening with climbing plants (Parthenocissus tricuspidata)
Climbing plant tips

Greening Tips

Location, pots & planters, etc..

The 'wine grape' or 'European grape' (vitis vinifera) brings magic southern flair to walls, and is, of course, a favourite for its delicious fruit.


Southern flair and fruit

The wisteria is popular for its abundance of flowers and vigorous growth as a twining climber. Has been used in Asian garden art for centuries.


Abundant flowering, vigorous growth

The Dutchman's Pipe (Aristolochia) is an easy to care for twining climber, and is appreciated for its large leaves. It can be used for screening or grown as a green roof; it can also transform downpipes and lightning conductors!

Dutchman's Pipe

Large, healthy leaves

One of the most important facade plants

Wooly Pipevine

Important facade plant

The Akebia quinata // trifoliata as climbing plant


Graceful, long-lasting foliage

Climbing roses (Rosae) are perfect for walls! Apart from the greenery, they also produce delightful flowers and, above all, cause no building damage.

Climbing Roses

Also suitable for facades

The clematis is a climber popular for its flowers. There are differences between the hardy native species, their selections and the hybrids with large flowers.


A vast assortment of flower types...

The trumpet vine (Campsis) is popular for its exotic flowers and vigorous growth

Trumpet Vine

Exotic blooms

English ivy (Hedera) is very popular for its evergreen foliage and its ability to cover entire walls.

English Ivy

Evergreen, vigorous growth

Wild Grapevines (for example, Virginia creeper)

Wild Grapes

With and without adhesive pads

The climbing hydrangea is popular for its self-clinging growth habit and also for its white peripheral flowers.

Climbing Hydrangea

Lacey white flower clusters

Honeysuckle vines (Lonicera) are popular for their flowers and fragrance, however they are very fussy in terms of position and water provision.

Honeysuckle Vines

Evergreen, abundant blossoming

Annual climbing plants

Continuous Bloomers

Long-flowering climbers (often annuals), e.g. for doorways

Espalier Fruit is based on century old traditions, but requires professional know-how, is high-maintenance, and belongs therefore to the domain of enthusiasts.

Espalier Fruit

High maintenance but rewarding

Less common façade climbing plants


Other climbing plants