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Wire Rope System 8050

Assembly sketch for wire rope system no. 8050

This basic form describes a wire rope system that has at least one sloping/slanting side. We have  classified it as a 'climbing aid' (trellis system) only to give sample building instructions (construction manuals) for such forms. For support in choosing a construction size/style, please refer to the guidelines in our climbing plants section.

Information and assembly tips (not available as a kit)

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Variant 04: Medium construction style, trellis on an outbuilding
Trellis on an outbuilding
Variant 05: Medium style, adaptation of a lattice structure to windows and roof slope, omission of horizontal cables in sloped area, climbing roses
Wire latticing for roses
Variant 01: Medium style, evergreen honeysuckle
Greening of a drive way
Variant 02: Easy style modified (KN 04055), weaving assistance for ivy
Greening a support wall
Variant 03: Cable system on a gable
Climbing plant support system on a gable
Variant 03: Medium style "classic," but here with WH 10101, climbing system on a retaining wall with embankment
Climbing plant support system on a protective wall

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