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Wire Rope Trellis System 9050

Assembly sketch for wire rope system no. 9050

Under the 9050, designs are combined such that several horizontal and vertical climbing fields cross with 1, 2, or more parallel wire ropes. Often it turns out that several ends of individual fields (primarily the vertical) stand out from the overall field, thereby making such a large area design assembly-friendly. With this form, you can give structure to arge, monotonous areas, connect several cordons at the top to form a climbing field link, or frame several wall openings. It is irrelevant how many climbing fields are connected and how many single cables are in each field. While the 9040 is not a system per se (it is not offered as a kit), we have classified it as a cable system mainly to provide assembly instructions valid for all similar cases and arrangements. For support in choosing a trellis size/style, refer to our tips under climbing plants (charts at bottom of each plant profile).

Information and installation (mounting) tips *Not available as a kit

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Measurement and Placing: all heights and widths are possible; the arrangement of the cables in the individual fields is done according to the intended planting in such a way that these fields are treated as individual 'basic forms,' in accordance with the overview. The distance between the ropes, the number of intermediate supports (mounts) etc.. are determined accordingly. As a general rule: if there are rope sections greater than 1.5 m in length, inter-mounts or (in the case of 3 or more parallel ropes) "bridges" must be provided in the cable run. Please consider the characteristics of high greening; also consider your lightning protection, and inquire if necessary.


Required Parts: The basic form is primarily conceived as a heavy and massive kit for 4 or 3 mm wire rope, then with 'open ends' of the individual climbing fields. With plants such as clematis, which prefer densely netted/packed structures, the form is recommended as a medium kit (3 mm rope), possibly with 'closed ends' of the individual climbing fields. This arrangement with the ends of the climbing fields reinforced by a transverse rope can be also useful if the design requires a consolidation/compaction of the foliage at the end points. Depending on the stability required, it is possible to forgo wall mounts or free-floating cross clamps at intersection points in the inner area (this also reduces cost). Easy kits are possible, but in most cases, the wire ropes become too slack with the long lengths (over 5 m). Please refer to the tips under climbing plants and/or anchors/mounts for support in choosing a kit. Depending on the system, you'll need the following:


  • wire rope: 1.8 or 3 or 4 mm

  • cross mount (and plug/dowel)

  • (free-floating) cross clamps

  • end sleeves

  • tools und binding/tying material (possibly)



Installation: as shown in the diagrams; please also refer to the mounting tips (see in chart above; click on respective kit for more details). The mounting sequence shown below is applicable to similar and different systems. Basically: all long, vertical cables are first laid on a frame. Then all long horizontal or vertical cables, each running about more than two holding points; then further similar ropes and finally, if necessary, the short rope bridges with only two holding points.

Heavy Kit for a wall with external insulation, façade anchor WM 12XX8; "open ends" of the individual climbing fields (no transverse lines), Clematis montana
Wire rope system for greening
Medium Kit, trellis systems for clematis
Climbing plant support system for clematis
Medium Kit, arrangement for wall vine
Climbing plant support system, stainless steel

(Light) / Medium / Heavy / Massive Kit