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Wire Rope Systems: the 1000 Category

Grapevines trained as vertical cordons in Groitzsch / Saxony

In this section, you'll find the simplest climbing systems we offer, which consist of only one rope line. These are usually chosen for narrow areas (when there is no space for multiple/parallel cables) or for their low cost mark. Vertical cables are almost always used in this case; single horizontal cables are seldom used, and are therefore treated as a special case. Single cable systems are suited for strong twining plants like wisteria. Learn more about plant characteristics in the climbing plants section of this website.


Several single strands can be grouped next to each other; this is an alternative to the climbing systems in the 4000-er category or the 8010, if no networking and wire framework is desired for design reasons. Please also refer to our planning guides as needed.


Note on single wire systems: without correct care or trimming, scratch marks can occur on walls with external thermal insulation composite systems (ETICS) as a result of high wind and twisting of the spindles during the early phases of plant growth.

System 1010

Simple basic form for selective fastening of plants

System 1020

Vertical basic form for very low heights, up to 3 m

System 1030

Vertical basic form for low and middle heights, up to 5 m

System 1040

Vertical basic form for greater heights, up to 7 m

System 1050

Vertical basic form for heights up to 8 m and higher

System 1060

Typical configuration for single horizontal strands