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Wire Rope Trellis System 7030

Assembly sketch for wire rope system no. 7030

Simple, efficient form with a denser grid form due to the diagonals. Versatile, especially between windows. To select a suitable construction design and size, please also refer to our section on climbing plants. (See charts at bottom of each plant profile).

Order as a kit: list of parts, information, and assembly tips

Easy Light Medium Heavy Massive
£15-24 £36 £45-81 £86 £109
 16-26 €  39.80 €  50-90 €  94.80 €  118.80 €
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Installation Installation Installation Installation Installation

The pre-assembled kits are suitable for all wall types, with the exception of walls with external insulation, cladding, and thin-walled concrete elements. Alternatives can be put together in all cases.


Height x Width: up to approx. 2.5 m x 1 m (3.3 m x 1.3 m with heavy/massive kits). Base approx. 0.3 - 0.8 m above the ground.


Installation: as shown in the diagrams; please also refer to the installation tips (see above). With a medium kit 'classic,' observe the instructions for special case 02.


Vine Training/Shoot Guidance: See diagrams. The trunk/main stem (brown) of the vine must be fixed in its entire length to its support post. Then suitable as a small trellis with full arch (R 01). A small fan is another possibility (R 02).

Heavy Kit with WM 12XX8 on insulated WC house, clematis
Greened container in Delitzsch, Saxony
Medium Kit, climbing roses
Cable tensioning for plants
Clematis on wire rope
Clematis on wire rope

Grapevine training on system 7030

R 01
R 02
Medium Kit, climbing hydrangea
Trellis for hydrangea
Mini-kiwi, heavy kit with WM 12XX8 modified on insulation
Climbing support cables on insulated façade

Easy and Medium Kit "Classic"


Light / Medium ("Eco" and "Premium")/ Heavy / Massive Kit