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Wire Rope Trellis System 7040

Assembly sketch for wire rope system no. 7040

A versatile form, both for very narrow and wider areas. Impressive grid 'density' (cables are closely arranged and numerous). For support in choosing a suitable construction size and design, please refer to the guidelines under Climbing Plants (charts at the bottom of each plant profile).

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Easy Light Medium Heavy Massive
£22-45 £56.43 £93-109 £113.23 £156.07
26-53 € 62.80 € 110-130 € 134.80 € 185.80 €
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Our pre-assembled kits are suitable for all wall types, with the exception of walls with external insulation, cladding, and thin-walled concrete elements. Alternatives can be put together in all cases.


Height x Width: max ~4.5 m x 1.0/1.5 (6 m of x 1.8 m with heavy/massive kits). Trellis base: ~0.3 - 0.8 m above the ground.


Installation: as shown in the diagrams. Please also refer to the mounting tips (see above). With a medium kit classic, observe the instructions for special case 02.


Vine Training: see diagrams. Cordon (R-01). Also forking and bifurcation possible-- then the branches/shoots should each point inwards, spacing the vertical cables then at least at 30 cm. Also poisssible with 2 vines from one planting pit (R 03). Only guide up to 50 cm or so below the top edge of the climbing field.

Modified Medium Kit, roses
Trellis for roses
Steel cable system in medium style classic, small climbing fields, roses
Steel cable system for roses
Wire rope system in our easy design, climbing roses
Wire rope system
Light Kit (modified) on a pre-fab garage, clematis
Garage greening
Heavy Kit, clematis and climbing roses
Climbing plant support system on a garage

Grapevine training on system 7040

R 01
R 02
R 03
Medium Kit (x3), trellis system with a big extension, different plants (on the right- another, older climbing system)
Gable greening

Easy and Medium Kit "Classic"


Light / Medium ("Eco" and "Premium") / Heavy / Massive Kit