Wire Rope Trellis System 9030

Under the number 9030, designs come together in which several climbing fields are combined-- within a generally closed cable framework-- into a large field. Because of this closed framework, the form is assembly-friendlier than other combined forms. With such an arrangement, wall openings can be framed; it is irrelevant how many fields are connected and how many single cables are inserted under or over the windows. We've classified it as a 'cable system' mainly to give an exemplary construction manual for such arrangements. For support in choosing a suitable size/style system, refer to our tips under Climbing Plants (charts at bottom of each plant profile).

Information and installation (mounting) tips *Not available as a kit

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Dimensions: Usually these are longer areas of a ground floor with wall strips above and below the windows. The installation of the cables in the individual subfields between windows, etc.. is carried out according to the intended planting in such a way that these fields are treated as individual "basic forms" in accordance with the overall view. The distance between the ropes, the number of intermediate mounts, etc.. must be determined accordingly. The basic form 9030 applies if the entire arrangement is rectangularly enclosed by wire rope and no individual strands/ropes (together with wall mounts) extend out of the entire field. If there are longer horizontal rope sections of more than 1.5 m above the windows, etc., inter-supports (mounts) must be used, like at the 3rd and 7th holding points of the horizontal ropes from the left, as shown here. If, for example, a horizontal rope extends past outer edges of the climbing field, you will find assembly instructions under the basic form 9010. If no connection of the subfields is planned or possible below, you can find more information under system 9020.


Required Parts: lightmediumheavy und massive kits can be arranged together. Easy kits are possible, but the cable guide and arrangement of cable clamps may be confusing. Depending on the required stability, it is possible to use free-floating clamps instead of of wall mounts at intersecting points in the inner area (which can also save costs). For support in selecting a style and parts, please refer to our tips under Climbing Plants and also, if necessary, under anchors/mounts. Depending on the arrangement, you'll need the following:



Installation: as shown in the diagrams; details of the procedure can be found by clicking on the individual kits (see chart above). The installation sequences shown below can be applied to similar and different arrangements. Basically, all four outer ropes are laid first, followed by all other longer pieces of rope, each running over more than two holding points... and finally, the short rope bridges with only two holding points.

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