Attachment and Installation of Wire Rope Systems and Climbing Plants

Here we'll address the different possibilites for anchoring cable systems to walls and facades. Our stainless steel cable trellis kits are suitable for almost every type of wall. In most cases, you won't need to consider the issue of rawl plugs (dowels), with the exception of thin-walled prefab (concrete) garages, wooden cladding / various special coverings, or insulation. At the same time, every climbing aid and system is only as good as its attachment/anchorage! (That is, how well was it installed?... were all the necessary steps followed, and was the right method used for the respective wall or façade?) Under Installation, you will find all the information you need to properly assemble and install your wire rope system. Lastly, you can choose binding material for your climbing plants.

Wall Types

Different Subsurfaces                  


Drill bits, wire cutters and more

Dowels and Plugs

Compare and select                       


Installing a climbing plant system    

Tying and Binding Material

For fastening climbing plants