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Mandevilla, known also as Dipladenia or Rocktrumpet, are a relatively new and exotic group of plants. They are robust, heat-resistant annuals we refer to as long bloomers because they flower from summer until first frost. Their flowers come in white, pink, red, and yellow, and all intermediate shades. Only a few mandevilla are suitable for facades, however, and these are cultivated for months and brought to a certain height before being sold. FassadenGrün offers many varieties. Before you buy a mandevilla, please consider the growth type and the height it can reach before frost.

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Pink-flowered mandevilla "Fuchsia Flamme"
Pink-flowered mandevilla "Fuchsia Flamme"
Two mandevilla "Rubiniania" on a shop facade

General Information

Tips for cultivation


Growth Types / Climbing Aids

How to care for mandevillas


Planting, watering, pruning

Mandevilla with white flowers

"White" - XL

Type XL - vigorous twiner, can grow up to 3 metres

"Light Pink" - L

Type L - twiner, 2.5 metres

Strong growing "Klevilla," pink

"Pink" - XL

Type XL - vigorous twiner, 4 metres

Dipladenia "Sundaville"® Red

"Red" - M

Type M - compact, up to 1.5 metres