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»I registered "FassadenGrün" as a business in the summer of 2000 halfway through my university studies. Several years of experience with greening facades, especially the walls of the three residential buildings where we live with 2 other families in the trendy Connewitz district of Leipzig (Germany), inspired the birth of "FassadenGrün."  Since 2000 FassadenGrün has developed and distinguished itself around the planning, execution, and maintenance of facade greening... eventually evolving into a mail order company. Even if the website suggests otherwise-- we are not a "greening-corporation," but a small family business. We work with a network of permanent and independent collaborators, graphic designers, computer scientists, producers, and importers. Our residence also serves as workplace and office, and the garden as plant storage; it is from here that our orders are shipped. To manage our growth, we have set up a shipping centre on a former fair in Merseburg, Saxony-Anhalt, and we are working towards achieving our vision-- the renovation of an old farm to set up our constantly growing company. In short: I am delighted with your interest in FassadenGrün!


 ~Sven Taraba (owner), graduate engineer of architecture, mechanic, born in 1966

FassadenGrün helps you plan wire rope trellis systems with a healthy minimalism. The goal is to have a range of high quality stainless steel elements which can be assembled and mounted by any amateur do-it-yourselfer. You can buy pre-assembled kits or put together your own order. All parts are also individually available for purchase.

Range and Prices

Because we concentrate on specific trellis elements and parts, and due to our large sales volume (e.g.100,000 m of wire rope every year), FassadenGrün is able to offer the best price for all products. Excellent quality is self-evident! In our online shop, gross prices are indicated. Upon request, commercial customers receive an account with access to net prices. For individual offers, please contact us.

Systems Supplier for Horticulture

Depending on the situation, FassadenGrün can also support landscape planners, architects, or similar companies plan a climbing plant support system, mostly by confirming an already thought-through design plan and quantity survey. We do not support large scale industrial and storage warehouse greening or similar projects with vigorous climbing plants outside of the private sector.

Tenders (Bids/Offers)

For a quick and efficient processing of your request, submit to us the most complete data possible, with a list including article numbers if possible. The planner is responsible for writing this list-- our online shop acts as a price publication/catalogue. By using the shopping cart function in our online shop, companies can also get an offer (determine the price of their order) by simply deducting the tax (VAT) from the displayed gross prices, as needed. The company can use the printout of the shopping cart list as a basis for a contract if the order was initiated within a year's time, even if the prices have changed in the meantime.

If you have found better prices elsewhere, feel free to submit us a comparative offer to give us the opportunity to re-evaluate our prices so that we can continue to serve you. If you want to get an estimate on your intended greening project (assembly costs...), please look under "Planning."

Regulations for Wall Greening

FassadenGrün's products are not approved by an organisation, but it should be remembered that no actor in our sector (in Germany) has such approval. Legal liability is entirely the responsibility of the planner, contractor, assembler, or sponsor. 

(FassadenGrün does not work according to the "Guideline for Planning, Execution and Maintenance of Facade Greening with Climbing Plants" (FLL e.V., Bonn). This applies above all to the high wall distances recommended there and the fixation on the expensive A4 stainless steel (AISI 316). In individual cases, FassadenGrün products can be fully compliant with the regulation, especially the "massive construction method." This will be checked by the respective planner.)


We favour local production as much as possible, which is why we make sure our parts and products are sourced and made in Germany whenever possible. This includes stamping, drilling, turning, milling, thread cutting and thread rolling, as well as wood and plastic processing. We have a workshop that employs disabled people producing specific parts for our company. Wire rope, forged and welded components, and some other parts are sourced from Asia or manufactured there according to our designs. The geographical origin of a part is indicated at the end of each product sheet. Assembly takes place in our house.

Shipping for Private and Commercial Costumers

Our mail order business covers Germany and Europe, and we can also ship overseas. We'll offer inexpensive shipping costs whenever possible. Find out more in our online shop.

Our Inventory and Delivery Times

All items are delivered from our warehouse stock, which consists of many tons. Delivery time is usually 3 - 5 days in Germany and 1 week to other European countries. This allows us to process your order, assemble or cut to size any of your specifications. Special packaging is often necessary. In exceptional cases and with express surcharges, almost any item can be delivered in any quantity the next day.


As a rule, you will receive an invoice and may pay by bank transfer after receipt of your packages.

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