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Our clematis are bred and grown here in Saxony! Clematis are quite common (you'll find them most everywhere); while their application on the less sunny northwest to east facades is just one of many possibilities, this is the aspect that interests us most. We have divided the clematis into eight groups, ranging from known hybrids to wild vines/jungle lianas and herbaceous or bush clematis.The first three clematis groups are important in facade greening; the others are rather special cases. We have chosen only the strongest clematis varieties with abundant foliage, because while bare, leafless stems can be hidden in a clematis bush, they are clearly visible on a facade! You can buy clematis plants in the shop and then choose the right wire rope system. Or, vice versa: if you already have a clematis, search for it within the eight groups and select a suitable supporting trellis there.

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Interview about Clematis-cultivation in Saxony

Sachs Nursery

Clematis cultivation in Saxony

Clematis "The President" as an example for large flowered hybrids

Large-flowered hybrids

Delicate Beauty

Small blossomed Clematis

Medium-sized hybrids

Healthy, with relatively vigorous growth

Wild form of clematis viticella

Clematis viticella

Robust summer bloomer

Clematis tangutica and serratifolia

Clematis orientalis

Extremely robust and frost-hardy

Clematis montana group

Clematis montana

Short blossom period, vigorous growth

Clematis alpina

Clematis atragene

Early bloomer

Blossoms of clematis vitalba

Clematis vitalba

Exuberant growth

Herbaceous perennial clematis in different colours

Shrub (herbaceous) clematis

A complement to the base of a facade