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Wire Rope System 1010

Assembly sketch for wire rope system no. 1010

This simple and variable basic shape, often without wire rope, is used on walls that aren’t scratch sensitive, (i.e., bricks). With insulated walls, use only with very soft, light, or annual plants, and then with insulation fixings (rawl plugs) in the wall. The main trellis structure is directly and selectively bound with binding material to individual, freely arranged eyelets. With an already existing planting, it is also possible to create a plant retaining loop with two opposite lying eyelets or U-nails and between them-- a connection cord, cable, or rope. There are no kits available for this type of trellis; please select individual parts yourself.

Dimensions: adapt to the plant
Fastening and mounting: eye bolts allow a wall distance of 1 - 3 cm. Often only simple staples/u-nails (EK 03510) are needed.

A vine cordon after winter pruning, held to the wall with individual eyelets/eyebolts
Grapevine cordon on single eyelets
Historical wall panelling with coloured raised cover-strips, espalier pear with specific mounting according to 1010
Historical wall covering, Moritzburg / Saxony
Single eyebolts are suitable for wisteria when a built-up branch framework already exists and a more stable fastening is needed.
Wisteria on a timbered house
Boston Ivy, new shoots after façade rehabilitation. The stout main caudex (stem) hangs from holding loops/straps, which are attached to eyelets (U-nails) on the right and left of each upper window.
Wild Vine