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Trumpet Vine

Trumpet creeper vines are the big sisters of the perennial flowering dipladenia / mandevilla. They play a major role in facade greening, and while most varieties develop aerial (adhesive) rootlets and can climb by themselves, they are usually planted on a trellis for optimal development. Here you'll find information on planting, pruning, and caring for trumpet vines, as well as a selection of 6 select varieties we offer at FassadenGrün (go to 'shop'), guaranteed to flower in the 1st year. 

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Trumpet vine, trumpet creeper, trumpet jasmine, trumpet flower, hummingbird vine, Latin: Campsis

Greenery with trumpet creeper vine

General Information

Varieties and Application

Trumpet vine "Flamenco"



Trumpet vine "Stromboli"



Campsis "Madame Galen"

"Madame Galen"

Self-climber, big flowers

Chinese trumpet vine


For trellises; has no adhesive organs

Trumpet vine "Indian Summer"

"Indian Summer"®


Trumpet vine "Judy"



Trumpet vine "Flava"