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Fire Vine

The fire vine (firecracker vine / Spanish flag) is a twining climber that grows with moderate to strong vigour, to a height up to about 5 metres. The flowers open one after the other in rows, with a play of colours ranging from red to yellow-orange to yellow-white. Flowering lasts from July to frost. The foliage is dense in sunny locations and can form a privacy screen.

(latin: Mina lobata or Ipomoea lobata)

Ipomoea lobata, Spanish Flag (Fire Vine)
Ipomoea lobata, Spanish Flag (Fire Vine)
Zaunbegrünung mit Sternwinde (Mina lobata)
Rosenbogen mit Sternwinde
Mina lobata Blüten
Kletterpflanze "Spanische Flagge"
Sitzplatz mit Sternwinde
Fotorechte: SALIBA - Wikimedia, https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Mina_Lobata_2.jpg
Sternwinde - Foto von Wikimedia