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Wire Rope Trellis Systems the 4000 Category

Rose trellis in Naumburg / Saxony-Anhalt

This category covers vertically orientated climbing plant systems with up to 2-4 vertical wires, often connected with short horizontal wire rope bridges. These forms can be placed individually between windows or as a group on large surfaces. These systems are ideal for many climbing plants, with the exception of vigorous twiners, like wisteria. With clematis and annuals, keep the grid spaces under 30 cm for an optimal surface coverage. Two of our systems in the 4000 category can be used for framing doors or similar elements. Learn more under climbing plants and planning.

Trellis System 4010

Simple, inexpensive basic form for minor heights and breadths

Trellis System 4020

Solid basic form, higher than 4010, extendable (with extra mounts) 


Trellis System 4030

Very flexible basic form; height and breadth variable. Suitable for many plants

Trellis System 4040

Even more flexible than 4030: both more cable density and more breadth are possible

Trellis System 4050

For the framing of doors and other openings

Trellis System 4060

Similar to 4050, only with more cable 'density'