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Legal Disclosure and Contact

At FassadenGrün you can gather ideas, buy cable systems, or plan your own creations. We are happy to provide information on our articles if a question cannot be answered via the website, and we are happy to check an already prepared project (plausibility check). For individual offers, please contact us-- we try to work on smaller projects as well. A consultation on general questions is not always possible due to capacity; please have understanding and ask our competitors or a climbing plant forum.

Data Protection

If you land on our website, your IP-address is recorded in an anonymous form. We do not collect any personal data. The anonymous data is statistically evaluated. We are interested, for example, in how many visitors find us and which keywords they used for their search. This evaluation solely serves to optimise our internet performance and reachability. Under no circumstances will this data be transmitted to third parties. Cookies allow us to improve the user experience an the navigability of the site. No data is collected via cookies. However, if you arrive on the website through one of our Google Adwords ads, a cookie is put into your web browser (unless the use of cookies is deactivated) for a period of 30 days. This cookie allows us and Google to know if our ads generate customer activity. The cookie can't be used to personally identify you; only general statistics and search-words are gathered. Read more on privacy/data protection in the online shop's left navigation bar under "Privacy Protection." If you have any further questions, please contact us.

Other Commercial Use

All texts, photos, graphics, etc.. on this website (including all subpages) are protected by copyright. Any other commercial use of afore-mentioned material from "fassadengruen.de" -- by downloading, reproducing, transmitting, or representing them on any medium and by any process for purposes other than for personal and private noncommercial use -- is strictly prohibited and can only be done with our express written consent. The documents (catalogues, leaflets, and flyers in pdf.-form) in the area "Info Material" may be reproduced as complete, unaltered documents of any kind and quantity for commercial purposes, provided that the Copyright information is left intact. Any shortening and modification of the documents and, in particular the omission of copyright and similar information, is not permitted.

Right of Use for Commercial Buyers

Merchant buyers who have purchased material from FassadenGrün may use, modify and pass on all information from this homepage for their own purposes without our consent, but only to the extent necessary to complete the respective order or resale. The omission of copyright and similar information is permitted. In case of doubt or at the request of FassadenGrün, information about the necessity, the type and extent of the usage has to be provided. The same applies to acquisition purposes; an agreement is requested here.

Non-Commercial Use

The use, modification and transfer of photos, graphics and texts for non-commercial training purposes, for student work, etc.. is encouraged and can be done without further inquiry, if the source www.fassadengruen.defassadengruen.de, or FassadenGrün appears in one of the listed forms. The catalogues, leaflets and flyers in pdf.-form may be duplicated as complete, unaltered documents of any kind and quantity. Any shortening and modification of the documents, and in particular the omission of copyright and similar information, is not permitted.

Guarantee of rectification regarding infringement of rights...

The content and presentation of this website are compiled to the best of our knowledge and conscience, in accordance with applicable law. Should you nevertheless see your rights, property rights, or other legal provisions violated, FassadenGrün asks for a message without a cost note (invoice) for the purposes of our mitigation obligation. It is guaranteed that the infringement will be remedied by immediately removing or altering any passages objected to. The inclusion of a paid legal adviser on your part ("warning") is not necessary for this.

Links to other websites:

The links on the site (direct links, permalink, partner links...) redirect the user to sites whose content is the responsibility of the publishers of the said sites. Under no circumstances can FassadenGrün be held liable for the content of these sites. For this content, only the operators of the respective pages are responsible. As we attach particular importance to the legality of the content of the sites to which we link (and verify them carefully), we ask you to inform us of any content that may appear illegal on the sites to which links have been set up.

Trademark Rights:

Any trademarks or brands mentioned on our website are property of their registered owners.


All texts, photos, graphics, etc.. on this website, including all sub-pages, are protected by copyright. Unless otherwise stated, the copyright holder is the company owner.


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Dispute Resolution within the EU

First: We do not argue with complaints, but always find a solution. Nevertheless, the following information is required: The European Commission provides a platform for private customers ("consumers") to settle disputes after online transactions, available at: ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/

Holiday times of FassadenGrün

No Company Holiday

Thanks to the reinforcement of our staff, we will be here for you in the summer without interruption!

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