The honeysuckles are particularly loved for their blossoms and fragrance; however, they are fussy in terms of location and water provision. Nevertheless, if selected properly, they are invaluable for facade greening. Chose a variety below for more detailed information.

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Honeysucke / Woodbine. Latin: Lonicera

Japanese Honeysuckle

Semi-evergreen, fragrant!

Japanese Honeysuckle

Semi-evergreen, fragrant!

Evergreen Honeysuckle

Evergreen, few blossoms

Red Honeysuckle

Semi-evergreen, small

Golden Flame Honeysuckle

For medium high trellises, fragrant!

Common Honeysuckle

For high trellises, fragrant!

Tellmann's Honeysuckle

For (very) high trellises

Italian Honeysuckle

A fragrant rarity!