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The honeysuckles are particularly loved for their blossoms and fragrance; however, they are fussy in terms of location and water provision. Nevertheless, if selected properly, they are invaluable for facade greening. Chose a variety below for more detailed information.

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Honeysucke / Woodbine. Latin: Lonicera

Lonicera henryi

Evergreen Honeysuckle

Evergreen, few blossoms

Lonicera japonica

Japanese Honeysuckle

Semi-evergreen, fragrant!

Lonicera brownii "Dropmore Scarlett"

Red Honeysuckle

Semi-evergreen, small

Lonicera heckrottii

Golden Flame Honeysuckle

For medium high trellises, fragrant!

Lonicera periclymenum

Common Honeysuckle

For high trellises, fragrant!

Lonicera tellmanniana

Tellmann's Honeysuckle

For (very) high trellises

Lonicera caprifolium

Italian Honeysuckle

A fragrant rarity!