Easy Kits – Versions in Comparison

FassadenGrün offers 54 wire rope (cable) systems, each in five different sizes/construction styles. The first is the "easy" construction style (Easy Style), which is then subdivided into another three versions/variations. In contrast with the other four FassadenGrün styles, the ropes are not clamped in rope holders (cross mounts), but rather led through eyebolts and fastened with clamps or clips, etc.. This has been a tried and true method used for over 200 years on many climbing grids in Great Britain and Central Europe, especially for close-to-the-wall climbing plants. Today, wire rope or steel cable is usually used instead of single-strand wire. You can buy our preassembled kits (which follow the basic 5 construction style elements: easy, light, medium, heavy, massive), supplement those kits when desired or needed, or create your own kit by putting the components and elements together yourself from our online shop. And of course, Fassadengrün also supplies standard rod-trellises made of stainless steal.


  • miniature design

  • very inexpensive

  • for very delicate trellises

  • wall distance: only 2 cm

  • for special facades

  • wire rope diameter: 2 (1,8) mm

  • stainless steel AISI 316 / 304

  • shaft thickness: 4 mm

  • very small boreholes

  • with NA 04060

  • barely any variations 

  • tensioners unnecessary 


  • reduced basic design

  • very inexpensive

  • for delicate trellises

  • wall distance: 2 (3) cm

  • streamlined design

  • wire diameter: 3 mm

  • stainless steel AISI 316 / 304

  • shaft thickness: 6 mm

  • borehole: 8 mm (rawl plug)

  • with WH 06060

  • variations possible


  • basic design

  • inexpensive

  • for medium loads

  • wall distance: 3 cm

  • very robust

  • wire diameter: 3 mm

  • stainless steel AISI 316 / 304

  • shaft thickness: 7 mm

  • borehole: 10 mm (rawl plug)

  • with WH 07080

  • variations possible