Wire Rope Trellis Systems the 9000 Category

This category, like the 8000's, features climbing systems for larger-scale surfaces, but also for cases where the wall has one or more (window) openings, in which case they then become 'circled' with wire ropes. System 8060 can also belong to this group. We've classified these arrangements into 6 'cable systems' mainly to give suggestions and provide sample building instructions.. Since there are always individual arrangements, these systems are not available as a kit and must be put together from individual parts. For compatible plant selection and planting methods, refer to the section on climbing plantsThere you can find planning assistance and more tips on choosing a system (see also charts at the bottom of each plant profile).

Trellis System 9010

Combined basic form with a protruding upper strand

Trellis System 9020

Combined basic form without protruding upper strand

Trellis System 9030

Combined basic form with closed frame

Trellis System 9040

Extensive basic form with inner niche

Trellis System 9050

Example for big surfaces or facades with many windows

Trellis System 9060

Basic form with single axes for fast growing and strictly-formed plants