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Evergreen Honeysuckle

The evergreen leaves of this honeysuckle make it an attractive choice for greening fences or privacy screens (also as an interesting alternative to ivy). The evergreen honeysuckle is healthy, but sensitive to lack of water.

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Evergreen honeysuckle / Henry honeysuckle - Lonicera henryi

Evergreen Honeysuckle
Evergreen Honeysuckle

To Thrive...

Evergreen honeysuckle thrives in sunny, or even better, partially shaded locations- sometimes even in full shade, but then grows with fewer leaves. The soil should be rich, fresh, and moist. Shading the base is advised. Distance between individual plants: 3 metres.

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Characteristics and Pruning

Honeysuckle is a twining vine from China, introduced to Europe (Great Britain) in 1908 by Ernest Wilson. It has moderately vigorous growth with overhanging shoots, with a maximum height up to 12 metres, depending on the location. Little to medium trunk development. The leaves curl up in harsh winters when the roots can no longer draw water from the frozen ground, and eventually fall off before growing back in early spring. The plant is evergreen in most years, especially in a mild micro-climate and protected location. Leaves are not susceptible to mildew or prone to disease. The flowers last from June to July (August). The fruits are small, blue-black, round berries. It should be pruned occasionally in spring and thinned out to promote branching.

Climbing Systems for the Facade

The supporting trellis should be vertical or shaped like a fan or a net. Horizontal elements give the plant better grip and promote foliage density. See the chart below for compatible rope systems. Choose a simple basic or basic-s trellis or a trellis in the medium range; for trellises higher than 6 metres, choose a heavy or massive trellis.


Suitable Wire Rope Trellises

Click on the image to find a suitable facade trellis design.

Evergreen honeysucke as a facade greening
Massive lonicera henryi on wire ropes, north-facing wall near a river
Evergreen honeysuckle in winter
Evergreen honeysuckle- persistent in winter!
Two evergreen honeysuckles framing a door
Evergreen honeysuckle in a courtyard

Examples of greening with evergreen honeysuckle

Click on the pictures to enlarge

Honeysuckle growing on a staircase and balcony balustrade
Honeysuckle on a wooden trellis
Massive evergreen honeysuckle
Evergreen honeysuckle on a wire rope trellis
Honeysuckle on a downpipe
Courtyard with an evergreen honeysuckle
Facade greening with evergreen honeysuckle
Street greening with evergreen honeysuckle
Wall greening with lonicera henryi, not pruned
Lonicera henryi as an enclosure around these rubbish bins

Botanical Details

Twining shoots
Fruits of evergreen honeysuckle
The leaves will often roll up into a tube shape during winter to avoid evaporation.

Suitable cable systems for lonicera henryi

Please click on the graphics to see a detailed view of each design!

 = suitable         = sometimes suitable       = not suitable