Gold Flame Honeysuckle

Gold Flame is a strong-scented honeysuckle hybrid with a rich and long flowering~ from May to September in optimal conditions. Gold Flame is less vigorous than the common honeysuckle, and the leaves are lighter.

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Also '"Golden Flame" and sometimes called "American Beauty Honeysuckle" - lonicera x heckrottii, created in the USA in 1895 from lonicera x americana & Lonicera sempervirens

Honeysuckle "American Beauty"
Honeysuckle "American Beauty"

To Thrive...

Needs a warm, semi-shady location with rich (even moist) garden soil. Base/roots should be protected against dryness. This honeysuckle thrives in high air humidity (near coasts, rivers, near high groundwater zones, etc..). Dryness favors aphid infestation. Distance between plants: 1.5 - 3 metres.

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Characteristics and Pruning

Semi woody climber, bushy growth of medium vigour, slightly twining, reaching a height up to 4 metres. This honeysuckle develops a trunk slowly; early bud burst (shoots develop in early spring) with the foliage lasting from April to October. Flowering lasts from June to September, may even last until the first frost. The flower whorls/clusters sit on semi-long stems and often on several levels above each other. During the first wave of flowers, new buds develop in the upper leaf axils. The inflorescences are lively pink, white on the inside, golden yellow on the inside when withered. Scent of the flowers is strong and vanilla-like. The red berries appear rarely and are inedible. To avoid a balding of the plant, prune back into the old wood at a height of about 0.5 m before sprouting. Pruning in summer stimulates branching.

Climbing Supports for the Facade

A trellis with horizontal elements (rods or wires)-- as well as fences, pergolas, and other constructions--can be used as a support for this honeysuckle. Choose a trellis in the easy, medium or light design ranges. The heavy and massive design ranges provide better aeration of the plant and protect it from too much heat.


Suitable Wire Rope Trellises

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Wire rope trellis systems for the Goldflame Honeysuckle

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