Tellmann's (Gold) Honeysuckle

A particularly vigorous, tall-growing, and large-leaved honeysuckle hybrid. Flowers very abundantly and intensely, though only for a short period from May to end of June. Ornamental, dark leaves, at times with a violet tinge. Also suitable for light shade. No fragrance!

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(lat.: Lonicera x tellmanniana, bred by J. Magyar 1920, Hungary)

Lonicera tellmanniana

Requirements / Price

Sunny to semi-shady location, possibly also light shade, tolerates urban climates well. For heavy, nutrient-rich garden soil. The root base must be protected against temperature fluctuations and drying out, e.g. with a shade stone. Locations with high humidity (e.g. on coasts and inland waterways), high groundwater levels (river floodplains) and protection from the wind favour growth. A lack of water on warm walls leads to an ugly aphid infestation on golden honeysuckle. Planting distance: 2.5 - 4 m.

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Properties and cut

Climbing plant, vigorous growth to a height of 12 metres! Strong stem formation, early shoots, foliage from April to October. Flower clusters yellow to orange, often followed later by coral-red, inedible berries (bird food in autumn). The rich whorls of flowers are always on stems in the disc-shaped, intergrown upper pairs of leaves. Unfortunately no fragrance. Pruning back into the old wood to a height of approx. 0.5 m before budding is sometimes necessary, at least on individual shoots, in order to prevent balding. Summer pruning into green shoots is unproblematic and stimulates branching.

Climbing aids on facades

Rods or wire ropes with anti-slip protection (cross rope), crossbar or similar. Fence lattices, pergolas, arbours etc..  See below for suitable cable systems. Due to the vigorous growth, medium kits, for heights over 5 m it is better to use heavy / solid kits.

Suitable wire rope trellis

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Suitable rope systems for the golden honeysuckle

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