Massive Kits

FassadenGrün's wire rope technology of high-grade stainless steel is classified into 54 cable trellis systems, each of which is available in five versions- "construction styles/kits." Our Massive Style is the fifth and highest quality variant. It offers the highest standard all the way around. You can order cable systems pre-assembled as massive kits, supplement the kits, or assemble your own in our online shop.

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  • excellent finish with a smooth shaft

  • for heavy loads

  • wall distance: 9 cm

  • for 4 mm wire-rope

  • made of high grade stainless steel A4 AISI 316

  • easy to mount, drill hole diameter 16 mm


With a Massive system, all wall mounts are firmly connected to the cable and fixed to the wall. The rope is 'decoupled' into several sections; each load is distributed equally to the end and intermediate mounts. Shock loads are absorbed dynamically via the elastic deflection of the mounts. If an overload or shock does occur, the ropes slide in the head of the cross mount and can be re-tensioned.

When can I use a Massive Cable System?

Cable systems in the Massive Style are versatile and can be used in almost all cases, but are particularly designed for bearing high trellis loads. In the professional sphere, in schemas with larger heights, heavier loads, where increased wall clearance is desired, and for specific vigorous climbers when a substantial execution is required, a massive kit is optimal. For more support, refer to our general guidelines on planning a system.


Wall Mount / Wall Type

The standard trellis fitting for our massive style is the stainless steel cable mount WM 12153 with a strong 12 mm shaft, gasket, and cross head. Massive systems are compatible with many wall types, particularly exposed masonry, plastered solid masonry, concrete walls, and even on complex facaded like plastered hollow masonry  (please note the infosheet on cross mounts), and possibly also for solid wood... this mount cannot be used on insulation, cladding, paneling, or thin-walled concrete elements.


Instructions for the assembly of Massive Kits can be followed with the diagrams on the page of each respective cable system. Also, please make sure that you are equipped with all the necessary tools for assembly.