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Heavy Kits

FassadenGrün's wire rope technology of high-grade stainless steel is classified into 54 cable trellis systems, each of which is available in five versions- "construction styles/kits." Our Heavy Style is the fourth variant and is characterised mainly by the gentle, expansion pressure-free mounting (attaches via adhesive bonding rather than with anchors/plugs), which makes it ideal for brittle masonry / highly porous brick and for sensitive edge areas of walls. You can order pre-assembled heavy kits or assemble your own in our online shop

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  • affordable due to threaded shaft

  • wire guided with "wire holders"

  • for medium to heavy loads

  • for wall distances of 7-8 cm (also 13 cm)

  • for 4 mm wire-cable

  • stainless steel A2 304 (V2A), wire rope A4 316 (V4A)

  • easy to install and assemble, most drilling diameters 16 mm


    In our heavy style, all wall mounts are firmly connected to the wire rope and attached to the facade. The rope is 'decoupled' into several sections; each load is evenly distributed between the end and intermediate supports/mounts. Shock loads are absorbed dynamically via the elastic deflection of the supports. If an overload does occur, the wire rope can slide in the clamp head of the cross mount and be  re-tensioned.


Instructions for assembling Heavy Kits can be followed with the diagrams on the page of each respective cable system. Also, please make sure that you are equipped with all the necessary tools for assembly.

Wall Mount / Wall Type

The standard anchor for our heavy system is the WM 12191 stainless steel trellis fitting with a strong M12 threaded shank, gasket, and crosshead, sieve sleeves and composite mortar (anchor then not detachable from wall, 7 cm wall distance). This technique (the use of adhesive mortar instead of expansion anchors) is particularly suitable for sensitive walls, like hollow masonry (perforated brick- 'Poroton,' etc..), and generally where a bonding of the holder is desired. Other mounts/anchors are possible if you put together a kit yourself; the choice depends then on the wall type.

  • WM 12161 for solid wood (then without composite mortar, etc..)

  • WM 12227 for increased wall distances up to 13 cm

  • WM 12XX2 / WM 12XX4 (coming soon in English) for many Exterior Insulation Systems for low to medium loads

  • WM 12XX8 for many Exterior Insulation Systems with higher loads and greater wall distance

Area of Application

Wire rope technology in a "heavy construction"/Heavy Kit is versatile in its application, especially in the professional area, at higher altitudes, with heavier loads, with increased wall distance, in public spaces, and with such climbing plants where the heavy version is recommended.  Please use the general tips, when required, for planning.

Wire rope trellis technology 1040 for a wisteria spindle
Wire rope tech. for a wisteria spindel
Trellis 9030 on sensitive wall of porous, perforated bricks
Networked wire rope technology 9020 for Clematis montana
Wire rope technology for climbing plants
Standard anchor WM 12191 with composite mortar and perforated sleeves.
Wire rope technology and anchor
Trellis cable with WM 12191 for wisteria
Climbing support cables for wisteria
Garage with climbing system 7040, adhesion in sensitive border areas.
Wall spacer made of stainless steel
Trellis 6050, stainless steel cable for vine; Heavy Kit with composite mortar because of the assembly in the sensitive upper border area of the wall.
Stainless steel wire rope for trellis -- construction kits