Evergreen Honeysuckle

Lonicera henryi (Henry's Honeysuckle)

This Honeysuckle is a favourite for its evergreen foliage, making it an ideal plant for delineation, separation or enclosure of spaces, as well as for greening of façades. It is therefore a good alternative to the English Ivy.



Sunny, but better semi-shaded position, in full shade tends to become bare in lower parts. Nutrient rich, fresh to moist soils, shade on the root zone is favourable.

Growth and Leaves

A twiner, moderately vigorous growth habit, slight to medium stem formation. Leaves curl themselves up in harsh winters, when water can no longer be taken up via the roots, they then drop off and in early spring new shoots emerge. However, in a mild micro-climate and a protected position, the plant is usually evergreen.

In winter, the leaves often curl themselves up into tubes, a self-protection mechanism to reduce evapo-transpiration.

Flower and Fruit

Inconspicuous flowers from June to July (August). Small, round blue-black berries.

Growth Support Systems

Vertical, fan and net shaped supports. Horizontal and branching support elements are used to protect the plant from collapsing and encourage a dense leaf wall. For suitable growth support systems see below. Light and Medium, better Heavy Duty Growth Support Systems.


Occasional pruning in spring to thin out and to encourage branching of plant. If plant has become bare in lower area, hard pruning back into the old wood is recommended.

Gigantic honeysuckles L. henryii on wire ropes, north wall, in the vicinity of a river
Henry's Honeysuckle enclosing a wheelie bin area
Without sufficient water and nutrients Lonicera henryi cannot develop a dense leaf mass.
Stem development in Henry's Honeysuckle is moderate, but is significantly slower than in vigorous twiners.
Evergreen Honeysuckle in a courtyard
Henry's Honeysuckle on a free form wire system.
Henry's Honeysuckle on an espalier

Suitable growth support systems for the Henry's Honeysuckle

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 = suitable               = moderately suitable               = unsuitable