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Boston Ivy "Dark Green"

This plant is a dark-coloured and large-leaved variety of the wild vine "Veitchii". It is also particularly vigorous. Young light green shoots and older ones with dark leaves often form an ornamental pattern! "Veitchii Dark" also has particularly beautiful red autumn colouring. Where dark green areas are desired for design, architectural or other reasons, this plant can help!

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(Cultivar of "Parthenocissus tricuspidata")

Boston Ivy "Dark Green"
Boston Ivy "Dark Green"

To Thrive...

Place these vines in a semi-shaded to sunny location; more sun exposure brings more beautiful autumn colours. Distance between plants: 2.5 - 5 metres.

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Characteristics and Pruning

This is a climbing vine with adhesive pads that cling to nearly any surface. It grows wide and fan-shaped; the shoots like to spread horizontally. This vine can reach a height of 8 metres and more, with a yearly growth of 0.5 - 1.5 metres. Also has a cascading / hanging- over habit. Foliage from May to October; has inconspicuous, tiny green-yellow flowers in early summer and small black berries which will delight bees and birds after leaf-fall. Summer prune as needed to restrain its vigorous growth; winter prune as illustrated in photos. Tiny lignified discs remain stuck to the wall after removal of the vine.

Climbing Supports for the Facade

Boston Ivy "Bright", unlike other "wild vines," typically needs no climbing support. However, in some cases and especially on wind-exposed walls, wire rope systems (see below) in our easy or medium range may be needed to prevent collapsing of the vine. In cases of very high walls or walls with external insulation, heavy or even massive wire rope systems might be needed. In very old specimens, the main framework can be attached at points per rope system 1010.


Boston Ivy can cause significant damage to buildings! The plant grows in a light-fleeing way ('negatively phototropic') and, as the shoots get into nooks and crannies and increase their stem girth, they can damage masonry, shift apart building elements, and lift roof shingles! Insufficient removal of foliage may also block roof gutters.



Compatible wire rope systems?

Please click the image to see which trellises are a good fit for Boston ivy

[Translate to Englisch:] Wilder Wein "Veitchii Dunkel" an einem Wohnhaus
[Translate to Englisch:] Wilder Wein "Veitchii Dunkel"

Further examples of wild wine "Dark Green"

Wild vine "Veitchii Dunkel" kept in shape by summer pruning
Full greening and partial greening next to each other, castle in Bad Düben / Saxony-Anhalt
Dark wild vine as in the photo before, but now, 15 years later, with a different "hairstyle" (Potsdam, Brandenburg)
Planting a base with wild vine "Veitchii Dunkel" at the beginning of June (the young leaves will soon become even darker). The size of the leaves is clearly visible in comparison to the height of the bricks, each 7 cm.
Young shoots and adhesive discs of Parthenocissus "Veitchii Dunkel"
Façade greening with "Veitchii Dunkel" at the base of a house
Facade greening with "Veitchii Dunkel" at the base of the same house see photo before, but four years later
"Veitchii Dark" shortly before the start of autumn colouring at the end of October
Small façade greening with wild vine "Veitchii Dunkel"
Wall greening with "Veitchii Dark"
Wild vine "Veitchii Dunkel" can grow very tall and also overhang.
Building greening with "Veitchii Dunkel" (the red flowers come from pelargoniums in flower boxes)
Wall greening with Parthenocissus tricuspidata "Veitchii Dunkel"

Wire Rope Systems for "Dark Green"

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