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Crimson Glory Vine

The Crimson Glory vine has leaves that resemble those of a grapevine and is often used for high greening because of its lush growth and striking colours in autumn. It is also suitable for pergola greening, foliage-covered walkways, fences, etc.., especially as it is less susceptible to mildew there (where the leaves are well aired). For facades that will be generally seen from a close distance, a creeper (thicket creeper, Virginia creeper) may be more suitable, because of its healthier leaves. If you prefer a simpler maintenance-program without the side effects that 'fruit' brings, then the grapeless wild grapevine is a better alternative (the presence of berries- grapes- usually attracts birds or wasps, etc..). 

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Crimson Glory Vine. Latin: Vitis Coignetiae

Vitis coignetiae, autumn colours
Vitis coignetiae, autumn colours

To Thrive...

Place in full sun or semi-shade. More sun exposure brings out a richer, more vibrant red in autumn. Distance between plants: 3 - 6 metres. >>> Price

Characteristics and Pruning

Tendril climber originally from Japan, Korea, and Sakhalin (Russia), introduced to Europe in the 1900s. Strong growth with an annual shoot growth of 2 - 5 metres and hanging / cascading growth, with a height up to 15 m and more. Large leaves, foliage from May to October. Magnificent and long-lasting crimson (red to red-purple) autumn leaves. Inconspicuous flowers, inedible fruits. Summer and winter prune only as needed to slow down growth and prevent scrub. The crimson glory vine is sometimes susceptible to powdery mildew, mainly on walls and facades where it is insufficiently aired.

Climbing Supports for the Facade

Recommended: large-meshed trellises made of wire rope to bind the trunks and larger shoots to the facade. The trunk and branches should be trained the same way a grapevine would be trained. Choose a trellis in our easy range for pergolas, and in the medium or heavy / massive range for facades and walls.


Compatible wire rope trellises?

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Young Japanese ornamental vine (crimson glory) and other vines
Trellised crimson glory vine on a building facade

Examples of greening with crimson glory vine

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Vitis coignetiae grows quickly and is not compatible with small trellises - it will overtake them in no time...
Wall greened with vitis coignetiae
Crimson glory vine on a wooden trellis in a small baroque garden, house of the court gardener in Dresden, Saxony
Wall greening with the fast growing wild vine Vitis coignetiae
Facade with Vitis coignetiae growing on steel cables
Balcony greening with vines growing up from the garden
Crimson glory vine growing on a stairwell
Industrial building with Vitis coignetiae on climbing nets; St. Benno Publishing House / Leipzig, Saxony
Crimson glory vine - the leaves develop their red colour at the end of August.
Vitis coignetiae and its red leaves, with Virginia creeper and ivy (green)
House greening with vitis coignetiae on vertical steel cables, autumn
Vitis coignetia berries

Wire Rope Systems for Crimson Glory Vine

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