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Window and Flower Boxes

Flower boxes under windows are, in actuality, a type of 'facade greening' (more precisely, a localised partial greening)! Sometimes they are the only opportunity to bring some greenery onto a facade, e.g. on walls with insulation or when there is no other possibility to grow plants from below. Here we'll show you examples of successful greening with window boxes, flowers baskets (hanging), and the like. Below you'll find detailed photos for anchoring and securing the boxes, as well as further examples for the combination of flower boxes and other facade greenery.

Paul Hey "Coffe Hour," window with flower box ~1900

Material and Planting

Most flower boxes today are made of plastic, but you'll still find them in sheet metal, steel, or special woods. Some have cleverly designed water storage and fertilisation-- even automated greening systems. Besides the classic geranium, many other plants found in your regional flower stores and garden centres make lovely window box flowers.

Flower box on a modern house
Lushly greened flower box

Does Every Window Have its Box ?

As a rule, small arrangements aren't impressive when designing window boxes, because a single flower box on a big wall usually gets lost. Aesthetically, it is better to install several, or at least to do so at all windows on one storey/level. Naturally, fitting all the windows of a facade with flower boxes creates the most unified appearance.

Greening of windows in Binz / Rügen / Mecklenburg-Hither Pomerania
Geraniums in flowerboxes in Sellin / Rügen / Mecklenburg-Hither Pomerania
Flower boxes in Altenburg / Thuringia
Row of flower boxes in Baabe / Rügen / Mecklenburg-Hither Pomerania
Flower boxes in Wernigerode / Saxony-Anhalt

Attaching and Securing

Flower boxes are usually mounted on an existing window sill. If a sill is not available, a bracket can be mounted on the outer wall, or planter support brackets / grids can be screwed on.  

During a storm, these window boxes can be blown away, especially if they are old or dried out (and therefore light). Various devices help to prevent this: horizontal protective rods screwed onto the wall, protective boards, or sturdy protective gratings.

Window greening in Taucha / Saxony
Flower boxes on windowsills
Flower boxes on windowsills
Flower boxes on supports (brackets)
Brackets/holders for window boxes
Protective beam for window boxes

Flower Boxes Within a Wall Greening

Flower boxes can also be combined with a facade greening! They can act as a dash of colour on a vine-covered wall, or on a higher floor they can supplement a wall greening below (when, say, the greening is designed for only one level).

Flower box amidst grapevine
Hanging geraniums over wisteria on town hall in Lichtenfels / Bavaria
Flower boxes amidst Boston Ivy
Flower boxes amidst thicket creeper with autumn colouring, town hall of Quedlinburg / Saxony-Anhalt
Old milk jugs as plant pots
Hanging flower 'box' (basket)

Alternative Flower Boxes

With their different designs and unusual materials, the boxes and planters themselves can become head-turners ~ especially if they are made of ceramic or have special patterns in the grating, or if they hang down with their vibrant colour for pedestrians... it can stop them in their tracks!

Planted boxes on built-in beams with safety grid, Meißen / Saxony
Ceramic flower box
Timber frame construction with flower boxes in Schleswig-Holstein
Timber frame construction with flower boxes in Schleswig-Holstein