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Wooden Trellises

A classic wooden trellis is compatible with old and new buildings, conservative or or more innovative aesthetics. They belong to the family of rod-like trellises. If you are looking for something special in terms of form and material, you will come across them sooner or later! At FassadenGrün you can purchase the wood, wall attachments, and planning concepts, all of which have been developed through years of research and are geared towards do-it-yourselfers, landscape gardeners, architects, and monument conservationists.

Clematis on a wooden trellis
Clematis on a wooden trellis
Support system for grapevine, Meißen / Saxony

Photo Examples

Wooden trellis

Sketches of wooden trellises

Step by Step

Building a trellis 

Classic climbing system made of wood, Dresden / Saxony

Classic Construction Style

Crossbars with vertical laths

Trellis on Goethe's garden house in Weimar / Thuringia

Special Forms

Diamond, ladder, fan forms, etc..

Modern building with wooden trellis, childern's hospice, Markkleeberg near Leipzig / Saxony

Modern Trellises

Modern structures and trellises

Vine protection grids

Protective Trellises

For grapevines, roses, etc..

Wood laths for espalier (at this time not available in the FassadenGrün assortment)

Trellis Wood

Selection tips

Holders for wooden trellises

Trellis Mounts

Anchors for wooden laths

Trellis with white painted wooden laths, garden city Marienbrunn / Leipzig / Saxony


Choosing a paint colour

Freestanding trellises without wall contact

A Trellis in the Garden

Freestanding trellises