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Why Green Facades?

We hear this question often; put most simply ~ greening 'up' just makes sense! Here we'll present you with our favourite eight arguments for facade greening. Consider the sensory-aesthetic aspects as well as the ecological ones. How can a house be enhanced with greenery, with flowers and fruit, without it over-growing or creating damage? You will find examples here. In the following section you can learn about facade greening and trellising throughout different periods and stylistic eras.

  • Begrünung in Königsbrück / Sachsen ca. 1890

  • Virginia Creeper on a façade in a cemetery in Dresden / Saxony


Green facades are simply beautiful!

Green facades in an alley in Altenburg / Thüringen


Green facades attract!

Grape yield on a trellis wall

Grapes, Pears, and Co.

Facade greening brings edible rewards!

Facade greening with roses

Blossoms and Blooms

Walls of colour

Greenery on a concrete building

Climate Protection

Greening reduces CO2 output!


Wall Biotope

A sanctuary for animals

Greening with ivy

Heat Conservation

Greening - a natural insulation

Climbing plants as privacy screens

Privacy Protection

A precaution against unwanted eyes

Removal of graffiti


Preventing vandalism

Green facade with espalier apple

Dry Walls?

Plants absorb your walls' moisture!