Bamboo Trellises

Bamboo grids are a simple and exotic trellising option -- they are great for the balcony or terrace and can be planted directly in a planter for your potted climbing plants. FassadenGrün sells bamboo trellises and also individual canes and clamps for DIY bamboo trellises. Trellises made of bamboo have an especially graceful appearance.

Bamboo grid for an ipomoea
Bamboo grid for an ipomoea


General Information

Bamboo Clamps

DIY Trellises!


For building a trellis or as a single plant pole

Ladder Trellis

Small bamboo trellis

Fan Trellis

Medium bamboo trellis

Rectangular Trellis

Large bamboo trellis

"U" Hoop

Bamboo arch trellis