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Interior Greening (Indoor Climbers)

Climbing plants can also be used for indoor greening! This is true for grapevine and ivy in particular, but also for many climbing species from tropical and subtropical climates which thrive in Central Europe only 'under glass.' They are often used for indoor greening in tropical halls, in zoos, butterfly exhibits, etc.. Wire rope trellis systems can also be mounted indoors! European indoor greening has its roots in the baroque glass-houses, orangeries, and conservatories... More photos can be found under greenhouse vines.

Interior greening, winter garden in Hainichen / Saxony ~ 1890
Interior greening with camellias on classic wooden trellises (Pirne Zuschendorf / Saxony)
Interior greening with camellias
A greened interior-- vines in a very old Baroque glass house (similar to a green house)
Greened interior-- a glass house, castle garden in Diesbar-Seußlitz / Saxony
Inside greening- climbing plants on bamboo trellises in a school foyer
Interior greening, climbing plants on bamboo trellises
Interior greening with tendrilled thicket creeper on wires, a simple design
Interior greening with wire rope
Interior greening at the zoo in Leipzig / Saxony
Inside greening at Leipzig Zoo / Saxony