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Greening Other Building Elements

Our systems are mainly designed to be mounted on walls and facades, but climbing plants can also be trellised on other parts of a house/building, such as downspouts or balconies. The greening of ancillary buildings and other structures/objects will be addressed in the next section.

Green Building "Deppes Hotel" in Hamburg ~ 1900
Greening of balconies


Greening of balconies, terraces

Greening drainpipes and lightning conductors?


Lightning conductors, drainpipes...

Climbing systems in gardens for pillars and posts


Pillars, posts, other vertical supports

Flower (window) boxes

Flower Boxes

Bringing green to windows

Green walls as a part of façade greening

High Walls

Metal construction: walls, stairs, arcades, porticos, etc.. 

Galleries and canopies

Green Galleries

Awnings, small canopies..

Pergola with grape vine


Made of wood, metal

Canopies, roof like greening and so on.: here a green roof thanks to Dutchman's Pipe

Roofs of Green

Green garlands, canopies, etc..