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Providers of Cable Systems

Naturally, there are various providers of cable tension systems. Perhaps you have seen a particular system on a house and are now wondering who designed it, who sells it... possibly FassadenGrün? We are happy when we can meet all your needs and be of any extra assistance, but no one can offer everything. We will gladly refer you to our competitors when we know they can help you. In the following overview you can see FassadenGrün in relation to other suppliers. An even longer list -- especially for planners of large construction projects -- is available from the Ulmer Press. When comparing products, please note the information we provide about possible damage to tensioning cables / working with stainless steel.

Hardware and Furniture Stores

You can find stainless steel wire, clamps, and cable tensioners in any hardware store; with these components, you can arrange tensioning rope systems analogous to the "Easy Kits" from FassadenGrün. Though mostly designed for curtains, you can even find entire tensioning systems at furniture stores.

Structural (Building) Fitters and Rope Makers

Such companies can usually make offers for a climbing system from catalogues of specialist wholesalers of metalworking/locksmithing supplies; for example-- the ASS-system from "Hubert Waltermann GmbH & Co KG," the system from "Philipp GmbH," the "Triebenbacher GmbH," as well as "Abel Metallwaren"-- to name a few. The "Seilerei Voigt GmbH" produces climbing ropes with compression ability for larger projects.

Maritime Sector

In addition to the basic product line at hardware stores, you can find eyebolts and other special greening-related supplies at boat/water/sports stores, or on the internet.

Mail-order Nurseries / Garden Centres

Here you will find tension rope systems with thin ropes for lighter loads, similar to the lightest structures offered at FassadenGrün. Noteworthy are: the smallest system-- the "Peddy Shield" -- and the most inexpensive system -- the "Windhager" (zinc-coated/galvanized, not made of stainless steel).

Professional Façade Greening

Like FassadenGrün, some companies specialise almost exclusively in the field of facade greening. "Thomas Brandmeier Ranksysteme," or "Thorwald Brandwein Fassadenbegrünung" (pole trellis systems only) will ring a bell here in Germany. They sell their products via cataloque, internet, or the commercial GaLaBau. The latter two companies also offer climbing aids for surfaces, such as trapezoidal sheet metal and sandwich panels on industrial facades. The company "Vertiko" in turn specialises in green modules, and "leffer" has taken over the former "Schmitt Ranktechnik."

Wire Rope Manufacturers

Major wire rope factories and manufacturers of accessories have also discovered wall greening and provide catalogues with a high quality range of products (especially of tensile structures/rope nets) under the keyword "architectural ropes." This information is sought after by big greening projects, where services are tendered. The heavyweights in this sector specialising in large-scale projects are: "Carl-Stahl GmbH," the "Brugg Drahtseil AG," the "Jakob Drahtseil AG," as well as the "Lothar Huck GmbH" The special system by "Dr. Jürges" (textile-covered ropes) especially belongs on this list.


System Providers of Insulation

Some manufacturers of WDVS (external thermal insulation systems) offer integrated tensioning rope systems for layers of insulation; eg. the company Alsecco with "Alsifix Plant."

Wire rope system "Peddy Shield"
Wire rope system "Peddy Shield"
Wire rope system "Windhager"
Wire rope system "Windhager"
Climbing system by "Philipp"
Climbing system by "Philipp"
"Schmitt Ranktechnik" (Trellis Technology) (through 2011)
"Schmitt Ranktechnik" (Trellis Technology)
"Jacob Wire System"
"Jacob Wire System"
Fastening "Alsifix Plant" by Alsecco, square climbing socket by Carl Stahl
Greening system "Alsifix Plant" by Alsecco
"Thomas Brandmeier Ranksysteme" (Trellis Systems)
"Thomas Brandmeier Ranktechnik" (Trellis Technology)
The ASS-System (architecture-wire system) by "Hubert Waltermann”
ASS-System (architecture-wire system)
"Brugg Wire Rope"
"Brugg Wire Rope"
Trellis aid from "Carl Stahl"
"Carl Stahl" Trellis Aid
"String cord" system by Dr. Jürges
"String Cord" system by Dr. Jürges