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Greening Concepts for Buildings

Ways to green the walls of a building are many: trellising a few small climbing plants, covering a whole facade, installing planters or flowerbeds in front of the wall... Small or large, high or low surfaces can be greened (all addressed in the first four sections to follow). In contrast to traditional methods, we also address (in sections five and six) more modern options, like the modular green 'vertical garden' often popular in Asia. After that, you can look to our section on Ideas where we'll introduce you to ways of greening various parts of a building.

Façade-greening by night in Überlingen / Baden-Württemberg
A green fassade by night in Überlingen / Baden-Württemberg
Classic greening concept: Vine espalier in Freyburg / Unstrut

Partial Greening

Lots of possibilities!

Full faced greening in Schwerin / Mecklenburg-Hither Pomerania

Full Greening

Sustainable and ecological

High greening with trellis grid system in Chemnitz / Saxony

High Greening

Possibilities and risks

Base greening with roses

Planting in Front of a Building

Simple greening at the base of a facade (in ground / planters)

Variety of greening concepts. Here "Galeries Lafayette" in Berlin

Modular Green Walls

Vertical living walls

Interior greening

Interior Space Greening

Plants for interiors