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Greening Other Structures & Objects

"Facade greening" refers primarily to wall surfaces and house facades, but it is certainly possible to green annexes, outbuildings, objects, components, and other constructions, summarised here under the key phrase "object greening." The following sections constitute the last chapter of "Ideas" and feature examples of greening projects for these different building elements and structures in different regions.

Wire frame for espalier fruit as a privacy screen
Wire frame for espalier fruit as a privacy screen
Object greening of a wall with grapevine, Neuenburg / Freyburg at the Unstrut


Wall panels, elements

Garage greening


Garage greening

Carport greening


Greened side walls

Greening up arbours, bowers and garden houses

Garden Arbours

Greened gazebos and arbours

Greened arcade


Green colonnades

Colourful vetches


Railings, lattices, etc..

Apple espalier on a wire framework

Wire Frames

For the home garden

Greening of car parks, etc..

Parking Garages

Greening of parking decks, etc..

Greened masts, lanterns, etc..


High lanterns, lattice masts/pylons...