Wisteria 'Longwood Purple'

Small flowers in a comparatively strong purple colour. Blooms late, from the end of May to June. Re-flowering into early autumn is also pronounced. The flowers are short and stand fairly diagonally to horizontally, so do not hang down. The foliage is long-lasting, but does not change colour in autumn. The variety originates from the Longwood Botanical Garden / Pennsylvania / USA. 'Longwood Purple' always twines to the right, i.e. "anti-clockwise". Medium strong fragrance, poisonous seeds. Sensitive to frost, therefore only for mild, sheltered locations (frost hardy to approx. - 20 degrees C.).

For location, pruning, training, climbing aids, structural damage, etc., see "American" wisteria.

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(lat.: Wisteria frutescens 'Longwood Purple')

Wisteria "Longwood Purple"
Wisteria "Longwood Purple"
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