Wisteria 'Alba'

A very old variety with medium to long flower clusters (20 cm, also up to 35 cm). It is not yet possible to give any information on the post-flowering period. In contrast to other white varieties, "Alba" has a beautiful, lemon-yellow autumn colour and is therefore particularly valuable as a white variety! It tends to flower before the leaves emerge, which means that only a few green colours are visible during the main flowering period. "Alba" probably came to England from China before 1850 and twines clockwise, i.e. "anti-clockwise". Medium strong fragrance, poisonous seeds.

For location, pruning, training, climbing aids, structural damage, etc., see "Asian" wisteria.

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(lat.: Wisteria sinensis 'Alba')

Wisteria sinensis 'Alba'
Wisteria sinensis 'Alba'