Wisteria 'Blue Dream'

Variety with long flower clusters (up to approx. 40 cm) and very profuse flowering, which, however, only develops after a few years. Blooms at the same time as the foliage, which means that green colours are also visible during the main flowering period. The post-flowering period in summer is rather weak, but continues until September. The variety can turn yellow in autumn. 'Blue Dream' is suitable for facades and pergolas if there is sufficient space for the rather long flower clusters. 'Blue Dream' is a North German selection from 'Arboretum Ellerhoop', has a medium-strong scent and twines round to the left ('clockwise'). Poisonous seeds.

For location, pruning, training, climbing aids, structural damage, etc., see "Asian" wisteria.

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(lat.: Wisteria floribunda 'Blue Dream')

Flowering wisteria similar to 'Blue Dream'
Flowering wisteria similar to 'Blue Dream'