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Relief Spring (Spring), SF 02530

Tension spring of high grade stainless steel

Product sheet

Description / Price

Tension spring of stainless steel 1.4310, wire thickness 2.5 mm, length 50 mm, of which spring body approx. 30 mm, maximum voltage without plastic deformation incl. safety factor: approx. 30 kg (0.3 kN). Permissible movement capacity: approx. 18 mm. >>> Price



For special cases, primarily with Easy kits and if necessary with insulation. Especially with cables in base areas that are threatened by overstretching by bouncing soccer balls and also by people leaning on the springs,etc... The tension spring acts as a strain relief and increased movement capacity, thereby wall holders are protected from high tensile loads and thus before bending, deformation, etc. With strong cable tension there’s the danger of irreversible prolongation of the steel spring. The number of springs in a growing system can be restricted by reasonable order and networking of the cables. Mostly it is possible to connect at least two cables with each other and to insert the spring in the middle - responsibly virtually for both cables. Please, use if necessary the general info for cable clips.



Before clamping the ropes, when in the flaccid state, such as a "spring group" (photo above) with two additional cable clamps, thimbles and end sleeves.



"Made in Germany" (Saxony)

Stainless steel tension spring
Linkage, consisting of: 2 wire rope ends, 1 stainless steel spring, 2 wire rope grips, 2 end sleeves. optional with 2 thimble-eyes.
Stainless steel spring
“Direct mounting “: Direct hanging of a the spring into a cable tensioning device.
Spring made of high grade stainless steel
Cut or saw the closed spring by means of iron saw or wire-cable scissors, then the spring can be connected directly with wall supports with eye.