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Quick Link 5/50 mm, SG 05050

Stainless steel screw link (quick link)

Product Sheet

Description / Price

Screw link / quick link (chain quick lock/release) in stainless steel A4, material cross section 5 mm, thread M6, opening width approx. 7 mm, inside width 12 mm. Load capacity indicated by manufacturer: 140 kg. (Pictured here is the larger link SG 07065). >>>Price



Generally used to quickly attach a chain; here (with cable systems) used especially to attach a ring RI 05050 - on which several cable lines meet - to eyebolts or similar. Also used as an intermediate link in any situation where a quick release of the connection is required. Please refer to our general information on cable grips/clamps as needed.



Unscrew the nut of the screw link as far as possible; then hook the screw link in the appropriate eyelet and tighten the nut again-- fully closing the link.



Imported (the Far East)

Screw (quick) link with eyelet screw (collared eyebolt) WM 08080
Stainless steel screw link